Draft Neighbourhood Plan – Feedback Form

Please use this page to submit online comments on the Pre-Submission Draft Shadwell Neighbourhood Plan, or you can pick up a paper comment form from the Library. Full copies of the plan and associated maps are available to view or download from the Documents page, or you can read them at the Library.

Please make sure you use the "Submit" button at the bottom of the page. You can submit up to ten comments with this form. If you want to submit more, then please complete and submit another page.

Submissions must be made by 3rd November 2018.

Privacy Note:

To comply with its statutory obligations, Shadwell Parish Council must make your representation available for public inspection, and Regulations allow this information to be made available on the internet. This includes your name, if given, and the contents of your comment. To protect personal data from unnecessary disclosure, the Parish Council will, however, remove any personal information provided in your representation which we are not required, by law, to make available (for example, addresses, telephone numbers and signatures). The personal information you provide will be held until the adoption of the Neighbourhood Plan, after which it will be securely destroyed.